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What does Seminal do?

Seminal is the first ever art copyright ecosystem. At Seminal, we prioritize safeguarding your work, ensuring protection against piracy. We aim to provide a reliable platform for safeguarding your intellectual property.

Artist, estates or galleries can upload and verify their copyright on the platform, and gain access to industry-first services such as:

  • AI-powered infringement detection to fight image theft. - Consumer product licensing opportunities with Seminal's artist discovery platform.

  • Consumer Product Licensing: Gain opportunities to license your art for various consumer products through our discovery platform.

  • Passive licensing opportunities through Seminal's enterprise network.

Our primary objective is to protect your intellectual property while facilitating connections between copyright holders and potential licensees globally. For comprehensive information on what Seminal offers to artists through our platform, please refer to this page:

Is Seminal legit?

You bet we are!

Seminal is the easiest way to license your art to brands around the world, operating across Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Chennai.

Seminal is the first global copyright management software for Art IP Despite our organization's several years in operation, our team has been diligently developing cutting-edge technology for Seminal.

Currently engaged in collaborations with esteemed artists globally, our goal is to establish a dependable platform for safeguarding intellectual property.

Is there really no cost to publish my art IP on Seminal?

Absolutely! Publishing your artwork on Seminal is 100% free. Our mission is to empower artists, and that begins by providing a platform without costs or barriers. Seminal only retains a small percentage of the revenue we generate for our partners artists.

What is the percentage retained by Seminal?

Seminal only retains a small percentage of the revenue we generate for our partners artists.

Seminal typical takes a commission ranging from 30% on any future licensing or intellectual property (IP) sale transactions.

How does Seminal safeguard my copyright online?

Seminal boasts a cutting-edge image recognition system capable of detecting any unlicensed use of your work across the internet. Our AI-powered software automatically identifies infringements, transforming them into a revenue stream for you. Receive timely notifications when infringements are detected, allowing you to claim damages or retroactive royalties with ease.

What are the features of seminal other than copyright?

Other than our AI-powered infringement detection technology used to fight image theft we offer:

  • Consumer product licensing opportunities with Seminal's artist discovery platform.

  • Passive licensing opportunities through Seminal's enterprise network.

  • And a dedicated team to help you every step of the way.

By leveraging Seminal's advanced marketplace functionalities, you gain access to direct license and propositions from potential licensees. Our specialized team oversees the entire process, adeptly negotiating on your behalf to secure advantageous terms.

How do I get paid?

It's called Art Licensing!

Art licensing is where artists give permission for their artwork to be used on products like clothing, home goods, stationery and virtually anything else you can think of. In exchange, they get paid royalties or a flat fee. It's a way for artists to earn money from their creations while businesses get unique designs for their products.

Seminal is a platform and team enabling artists and estates to profit from their artistic copyright. Once an artwork is uploaded to Seminal its copyright is registered in our public database and we can begin protecting it. The copyright owner can also license their copyright at their discretion in two ways.

The first is through Seminal's marketplace function, where you receive direct license offers from licensees and acquirers.

The second is through our team of licensing and transaction experts. This is where we produce the deal and negotiate on your behalf to ensure favorable terms.

Experience a stream of licensing requests from reputable brands all across the world. Our full-service team is committed to assisting you throughout the process, ensuring a successful licensing program on your terms.

Can I remove my IP from Seminal whenever I want?

Yes, you're in control. There's no lock-in, and you can decide to remove your IP rights at any time. We're flexible to suit your need

Can I control who I licenses my work too?

Yes, by publicizing your copyrights on the register, you gain control over the commercialization of your intellectual property. Licensing agreements afford you the ability to set specific limitations and exclusions. If there are industries you wish to restrict from using your IP, you can easily toggle off those specific sectors from licensing your work.

Am I eligible to do my own business outside Seminal?

Yes, you can definitely do your own business outside of Seminal. While Seminal offers great tools and resources, it doesn't stop you from taking on independent projects or collaborations.

You have complete freedom to explore other opportunities and manage your career however you like!

Why do I need to provide personal info?

Your privacy matters to us! We collect different types of personal information from you, such as your name, contact details, and even images of you solely to enhance your experience with us.

We use this information for various purposes, like providing our services, contacting you, and improving our services. Rest assured, we strictly adhere to Australian privacy laws and GDPR standards for EU customers.

We gather personal information with the sole purpose of verifying your identity for the assignment of your copyright.

Where can I find testimonials of artists signed with Seminal?

For insights into the experiences of the artists who have partnered with us, we invite you to explore testimonials across our socials:

Do I own the copyright to my work?

Yes, when you create a sketch on paper, paint a picture on canvas, write a story, or record a video on a smartphone, the work is automatically protected by copyright.

Publicizing your copyright with Seminal's public register is a crucial step in asserting ownership. This initial action plays a key role in safeguarding and licensing the copyrights associated with your artistic creations.

What should I do if someone misuses my copyright?

If you believe your copyright has been infringed, kindly provide us with comprehensive details regarding the offending entity, including the business or individual's name and address.

Seminal facilitates the initial stage of legal recourse by automating the issuance of a cease-and-desist notice.

The act of publishing and copyrighting your artwork through our platform not only safeguards your intellectual property but also streamlines the process of pursuing legal action in the event of infringement.

On Seminal, we meticulously document each sale and generate a legally binding smart contract. This strategic approach positions you favourably to initiate legal proceedings in the pertinent jurisdiction should another entity persist in the unauthorized use of your intellectual property.

What Licenses Are Available?

Seminal offers a range of commercial licenses, including:

  • Advertising (Print, Display, TV)

  • Digital Media

  • Film, Video, Television

  • Product Design

  • Books/Editorial

  • Internal Use

Can galleries sell works on behalf of artists they represent?

Yes, galleries can manage artists' copyrights on a Seminal account, representing them in sales and licensing agreements, or artists can link their Seminal accounts to the gallery's profile.

For Licensees & Ad Agencies

What is Seminal?

Seminal is an all-in-one art platform for licensees, providing direct access to stunning artwork created by leading artists worldwide.

Seminal's cutting edge tools enable licensees and their agents to easily discover and collaborate with influential artists worldwide to create successful licensing programs.

Is there a fee to use the Seminal platform?

Nope, Seminal is 100% free! Giving agents and licensees direct access to an incredible portfolio of artists and powerful tools to streamline partnerships and develop effective campaigns faster and more profitably

How does Seminal ensure the quality of the artists?

Seminal's expert curatorial team work tireless to source and vet established and emerging artists. In our hand-selection process we assess portfolio of work, audience base, professional experience, past collaborations, auction history and more.

This ensures that the artwork you select not only meets our high standards but also aligns with your brand's values and messaging and is best placed to deliver ROI.

What kind of support does Seminal offer?

We offer full-service onboarding and dedicated account management to assist with any complex needs. Our expert team can also provide strategic advice and assistance to help you craft an effective collaboration that achieves your commercial objectives.

Do you provide exclusive licenses and artist partnerships?

Yes, Seminal offers exclusive licensing options, ensuring that both the artwork and the artist you select are dedicated solely to your brand, ensuring the uniqueness of your partnership.

Do you offer trend forecasting & strategic advice?

Absolutely, Seminal boasts a global team of experts in art, licensing, and marketing. We continuously monitor market trends to deliver actionable insights that will resonate with your audience. Our goal is to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve, integrating contemporary art and spotlighting rising artists to enhance your brand's relevance and impact.

Can I commission Seminal artists for custom artwork?

Absolutely. Our platform enables direct communication between brands and artists. Seminal actively supports collaborations that result in custom, bespoke artwork that meet your brand's unique requirements.

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