Art collaborations are a proven
way to capture new audiences,
build brand-love and increase
advertising effectiveness

Art collaborations are a proven way to capture new audiences, build brand-love and increase advertising effectiveness

World class creators and pioneers of culture use Seminal

A small look into Seminal's global portfolio of incredible painters, designers, muralists and sculptors.

Find your perfect artist in
minutes with Seminal

Find your perfect
artist in minutes
with Seminal

Enjoy fast artist discovery and streamlined collaboration with our proprietary software. Access world-class artists from all countries, styles and subcultures to fit your brand and goals.

Here's how Seminal makes art collaborations easier, faster and ROI-focussed

Direct access to the world's best artists (and their art)

Access 1000s of influential visual artists from all demographics to fit your brand and goals.

Find your perfect artist or artwork in minutes

Use our advanced filters to search by age, gender, style, location, subculture or audience characteristics.

Avoid delays with industry pre-approvals

Know the artist and art fit your needs right from the start. Move with speed and avoid the approval spiral.

Copyright verification

All Seminal art has proof of copyright ownership. Know that you're dealing with the true rightsholder and avoid legal risk from use.

One solution for all your art needs

Partner with multiple artists under one agreement and skip hefty contract amendment fees.

View detailed artist audience insights

Access in-depth audience data on artists and know they're the right fit for your collaboration.

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Projects by Seminal Artists

Projects by Seminal

These artist-brand partnerships drove substantial press buzz, engagement and sales.

Partner with artists based on audience data

Know with confidence that your collaboration will reach the right people. View precise information about each artist's audience, including: location, age, gender, income level and common purchases.

Access culturally important art that tells a story

Access culturally important art that tells a story

Leave crappy AI art and generic stock images behind. Leverage meaningful art from revered creators and artists, who have been featured in magazines, movies, galleries and album covers.

Access Seminal

Discover, collaborate and launch blockbuster collaborations with the world’s best artists now.


What is Seminal?

Seminal is an all-in-one art platform for licensees, providing direct access to stunning artwork created by leading artists worldwide.

Seminal’s cutting edge tools enable licensees and their agents to easily discover and collaborate with influential artists worldwide to create successful licensing programs.

How does Seminal ensure the quality of the artists?

Seminal’s expert curatorial team work tireless to source and vet established and emerging artists. In our hand-selection process we assess portfolio of work, audience base, professional experience, past collaborations, auction history and more.

This ensures that the artwork you select not only meets our high standards but also aligns with your brand's values and messaging and is best placed to deliver ROI.

What kind of support does Seminal offer?

As a special launch offer, we've decided to waive the $499 access fee, helping more agents and licensees get started with art collaborations.

Do you provide exclusive licenses and artist partnerships?

Yes, Seminal offers exclusive licensing options, ensuring that both the artwork and the artist you select are dedicated solely to your brand, ensuring the uniqueness of your partnership.

Do you offer trend forecasting & strategic advice?

Absolutely, Seminal boasts a global team of experts in art, licensing, and marketing. We continuously monitor market trends to deliver actionable insights that will resonate with your audience. Our goal is to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve, integrating contemporary art and spotlighting rising artists to enhance your brand's relevance and impact.

Can I commission Seminal artists for custom artwork?

Absolutely. Our platform enables direct communication between brands and artists. Seminal actively supports collaborations that result in custom, bespoke artwork that meet your brand’s unique requirements.