Bayley Mifsud x Rippl: Pairing Indigenous Art With An Eco-Conscious Water Company

Bayley Mifsud’s Art Goes Eco Friendly!

Today we are excited to announce a fusion of art and sustainability as Seminal introduces the recent collaboration between Merindah-Gunya (Bayley Mifsud) and Rippl Water. Seminal represents Merindah-Gunya, a talented indigenous painter and muralist from South West Victoria, joining forces with Rippl Water, a sustainable canned water brand based in Melbourne. This latest collaboration from Mifsud promises an exciting blend of culture and eco-consciousness, available now online and soon to be available at 7/11 nationwide.

Mifsud has quite the portfolio of collaborations with licensing being a core part of her practice Increasing her exposure and cultivating the reputation as a key emerging artist to keep an eye on. We’re excited to help Mifsud in growing her practice.

Bayley's art
Ngootyoong ‘Joy’ and Wangan Nhootyoong ‘Respect

Bayley’s artistic flair shines on two Rippl cans, featuring her works Ngootyoong ‘Joy’ and Wangan Nhootyoong ‘Respect’. ‘Joy’ narrates a tale of interconnection between land, water, and people, with a prominent gathering place symbolizing Southland and its vibrant community. On the other hand, ‘Respect’ illustrates the profound bond nurtured by mutual understanding and appreciation between individuals.

Seminal’s mission is to connect artists and brands with shared values, fostering vibrant collaborations, and we’ve made it happen here. Mifsud and her paintings align with Rippl’s core values, reflecting a company that truly aligns with Mifsuds artistic vision and beliefs. ‘Joy’ reflects the interconnectedness of land, water, and people, echoing Rippl’s dedication to preserving natural resources. The gathering place depicted in ‘Joy’ represents community, with Rippl serving as a space for people to come together for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, or just a picnic in the park. Like Mifsud’s art, Rippl embodies themes of community, friendship, and shared moments among loved ones in meaningful places.

Likewise, ‘Respect’ embodies mutual understanding and appreciation, mirroring Rippl’s respect for the environment and efforts to build partnerships for eco-consciousness, sharing many of the common values with Indigenous ethos contained in Mifsud’s work. By featuring Mifsud’s art on their cans, Rippl not only honors Indigenous culture but also underscores the importance of respecting our planet.

“I’m thrilled about this collaboration because it’s a chance for our Aboriginal culture to shine in a new space. It’s exciting for me and my community to share our culture in a different way, and for it to be on a fully recyclable product. Caring for Country is a part of who I am, so collaborating with a fully sustainable company has been incredibly rewarding.” – Bayley Mifsud (Merindah-Gunya)

At Seminal, we carefully chose this collaboration because we knew it would be a source of pride for Mifsud. The brand’s mission matches her beliefs and values, which in turn boosts her art’s appeal and strengthens her reputation as an artist. While we aim to help artists maximize their IP, we prioritize partnerships that align with their values, helping them boost the notoriety of both themselves and their work.

Bayley Mifsud x Rippl

This isn’t Mifsud’s first rodeo in the world of brand collaborations having teamed up with the names of Casetify, the Melbourne Renegades, and most recently, the second-largest confectionery brand globally, Cadbury. However, at Seminal our mission is to support artists’ integrity and pair them with brands that align with their vision, just like Rippl.

The Artist Series of Rippl Water cans is now available online in Australia! Which will you buy first: ‘Joy’, ‘Respect’? Why not both? And if ordering online isn’t really your style, Mifsud’s collaboration with Rippl will soon be in Australian stores, continuing to increase Mifsud’s exposure and becoming available for you to enjoy in whatever your desired meeting place might be.

The final takeaway from this collaboration is that Seminal were able to structure a royalty model for Mifsud which typically isn’t achieved by other licensing partners. A royalty model rewards artists more than your typical licensing agreement, allowing artists to earn a percentage of every product sold. If you’re an artist and still not a part of Seminal, what are you waiting for? Increase your earning potential and notoriety today!

We are so incredibly proud of the collaboration between Mifsud and Rippl and hope to facilitate many more just like it in the years to come.

Congratulations Merindah-Gunya!

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