“Launching Seminal – Helping The Art World Protect and Monetize Art Copyright”

We’re Launching Seminal in, 3… 2…1…

After 2 years, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Seminal platform. Our groundbreaking platform empowers artists to safeguard their entire portfolio from illegal use online while providing unparalleled opportunities for discovery by licensees worldwide. Through the Seminal platform an artist’s work could appear on everything from fashion items to home decor, interior design, and even feature on some of the most prevalent brands in the world.

Seminal is a comprehensive tool for artists, galleries, and estates to manage their intellectual property rights, establishing a copyright ecosystem for the arts. This system ensures that rights owners receive earnings and attribution whenever their artwork is reproduced digitally or physically, mirroring the infrastructure long enjoyed by other creative industries such as music, film, and literature.

Our CEO and Founder Ward Williams said….

“For hundreds of years we have seen little movement in the way that artists monetise and find value in their IP. The key to unlocking this value is first protection. To say I categorically own something and be able to demonstrate that. Seminal marks a quantum leap in copyright management, pioneering a revolutionary method to enshrine your ownership over your creativity.”

The digital age has made unauthorized copies more prevalent than ever. Artists are seeing their work illegally used in e-commerce and digital advertising, receiving neither credit or compensation. This rampant infringement reduces the market value of artists’ works, hurts their reputation and violates their creative integrity. With the launch of the Seminal platform we aim to make this a thing of the past.

What Does Seminal Mean For Artists?

Well it’s the first ever art copyright ecosystem… Let us break it down for you.

An artist, estate or gallery can upload and verify their copyright on the platform, and gain access to industry-first services:

  1. AI-powered infringement detection to fight image theft.

  2. Consumer product licensing opportunities with Seminal’s artist discovery platform.

  3. Passive licensing opportunities through Seminal’s enterprise network.

Once you upload your art to the Seminal platform, our revolutionary technology ensures protection against fraudulent use while serving as a portfolio for potential licensees to discover and connect with you for lucrative licensing deals.

As we believe protecting your copyright should be free. There’s no subscription.

We only retain a small percentage of licensing royalties for deals that we facilitate.

What Does Seminal Mean For Licensees?

Because Seminal contains a world of art copyright and rights holders – it’s essentially a database with some of the world’s best artwork.

It’s stored digitally and categorized – making it ultra accessible for commercial use. (Promoting legal usage) The platform further streamlines this process, by removing barriers between brands and artists. Collaborating with artists is a proven method to reach new audiences, foster brand loyalty, and enhance advertising impact. With our cutting-edge software, licensees can quickly discover talented artists and streamline collaboration. Access a diverse range of world-class artists spanning various countries, styles, and subcultures to align perfectly with a brand and objectives.

Seminal is the all-in-one art platform for licensees, offering centralized access to exceptional artists and creators. It provides direct access to stunning artwork from leading artists worldwide, making it easier for brands to find the perfect pieces for their needs.

Wrapping Things Up!

Seminal’s launch is going to be a game-changer for artists and companies alike. With rampant online art theft a major issue within the art world, Seminal offers artists a free platform to protect their work and explore new opportunities. For companies, Seminal provides a streamlined process to discover and collaborate with top-notch artists, ensuring legal compliance and efficient partnerships. It’s a revolutionary step towards safeguarding creativity and fostering fruitful collaborations in the digital age.

We’re incredibly excited to bring Seminal to the world and hope it can serve as a way for artists to safeguard their IP whilst simultaneously maximizing the earnings from their art!

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