Seminal Partners with Markettcom to Pioneer Art Licensing Expansion in the Middle East

Melbourne, Australia – May 2, 2024 – Seminal, the Melbourne-based trailblazer in art technology, proudly announces its strategic expansion into the Middle East, facilitated through a partnership with Markettcom. As a leading brand licensing agency, Markettcom specializes in scaling global brands across the Middle East and Africa, and is poised to enhance Seminal’s presence in these vibrant markets.

Seminal is a global copyright database for the visual arts. A digital platform, the company helps hundreds of rights owners, including notable artists, estates and galleries protect and monetize their intellectual property rights (‘IP’). Once a rights holder lists their IP on Seminal, it becomes discoverable for licensing and automatically receives the platform’s industry-first copyright protection. Powered by AI, Seminal has developed proprietary image recognition technology that scans the internet to identify any unlicensed art use.

This partnership is part of Seminal’s mission to offer a global service to its portfolio of rights holders and create licensing opportunities in new markets. Markettcom is excited to take Seminal’s industry-first service and technology to Middle Eastern and African artists, helping them make the most out of their IP.

The digital platform has hundreds of accomplished artists open to licensing opportunities. Including esteemed artists such as Fang Lijun, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, Gawx, Lourdes Villagomez, Ledania, Terry Urban and many more.

Amer Bitar, Founder and CEO of Markettcom, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are excited to embark on this journey with Seminal, introducing a new era of art experience and consumer products inspired by the rich talents of Middle Eastern artists. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to protecting and monetizing local art, marking a significant milestone in our region’s cultural landscape.”

Ward Williams, CEO of Seminal, shared his vision for the partnership’s future: “We’re grateful to be partnering with the Middle East’s leading brand licensing agency, Markettcom. The partnership strengthens our presence in the region, extends our licensing infrastructure and will enable local artists to capitalize on their IP.”

This strategic alliance between Seminal and Markettcom signifies a promising future for artists and art licensing in the Middle East. The platform’s suite of digital tools simplifies the licensing process, streamlining artist discovery, validation, collaboration and artwork approval. Making it easier for brands to leverage the incredible work of artists and create successful licensing programs.

About Seminal

Founded in 2022, Seminal is a trailblazer in art copyright technology, offering a unique AI-driven platform for artists and estates to protect and monetize their IP. With a global presence in key art hubs across the world and a commitment to innovation, Seminal is ensuring artists and estates receive attribution and earnings every time their art is reproduced physically and digitally.

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About Markettcom

Markettcom is a Dubai-based brand licensing agency with a strong presence across the MEA region, Markettcom is dedicated to assisting global brands in expanding their businesses in the culturally diverse and socially unique Middle East region. Our team serves as your local support system, leveraging our on-the-ground expertise to optimize profitability and enhance brand recognition. With a strong emphasis on cultivating lasting partnerships, Markettcom is committed to driving success and maximizing your brand’s potential in the MEA marketplace.

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